Zdrava Kamenova and „A woman said“ as the funniest social network

The brilliant actress and playwright Zdrava Kamenova is on the stage at Joy Station on October 20 to present her author’s stand-up performance “A Woman Said”. An extremely funny, honest, heartfelt comedy composed of six both absurd and rather embarrassing true stories. Following the principle “it’s funny because it’s true”, Zdrava Kamenova and Svetlyo Tomov have gathered real events from the lives of their acquaintances and friends and are not afraid to call things by their real names.

How hard can it be to combine an interview, a walk with a dog and a kid with a wobbly tooth? How can a vacuum cleaner save your love life? Is it okay to be the wife of an opera singer? And what’s it like to have a relationship with the four elements-a firefighter, a diver, a paratrooper and a gravedigger? Answers to these questions and more – a lot of laughter, improvisations, music.

Special guests and loyal secondees of Zdrava Kamenova in “A Woman Said” at Joy Station will be Bogdana Trifonova, Natalia Tsekova and Simeon Vladov. Music director is Dobromir Kissiov.

Zdrava Kamenova is one half of Stage Fever. She and Bogdana Trifonova create the theater team because of the stage fever in their blood – they live it, use it, are inspired by it, it does not leave them when they are in the spotlight, and when they are in the shower. Bogdana and Zdrava tell true life stories sincerely, funny and fearlessly in Appetite, Tango in Space, Emergency and Extraordinary LOVE, and they were recently joined by Stefania Koleva.

Tickets for the standup comedy “A Woman Said” are sold at FANTASTICO’s cash desks, in the network  of Eventim, Urbo and Ticketportal  and on-site at Joy Station, which operates with limited capacity seats to allow guests to enjoy the show at a healthy distance from each other and with a full sense of comfort. 

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