Miro shares his “Mirogled” with exclusive live at Joy Station

Eight months after the fully sold-out premiere of “Mirogled” in Ancient Theatre Plovdiv, Miro will share the magic of his new album with the audience in Sofia. The meeting point is Joy Station, the date is May 15, and the tickets are already on sale. “Thank you for the opportunity to present ‘Mirogled’ on this exceptional stage, which is in no way inferior to global stages in terms of technical parameters. The fans are already asking questions, excited about this meeting. The good thing about the pandemic situation is that Joy Station has the scale, the space in the club allows us to gather the maximum number of people and have fun completely safe together, with all the measures taken.” says Miro.  

The emotional energy of the show the artist will deliver with the group SoulBmoll and special guests who will remain a surprise to the audience until the last moment. Seekers of strong musical sensations will be able to acquire “Mirogled” also onsite in the club.

Recorded in the course of three years with inspiration concentrated in Corfu, Bulgaria, England and the North Polar Circle, “Mirogled” is a real pop event for the home music market. With meditative, confessional melodies such as “Stamp from my soul”, “Fire” and “The eyes”, the album is a suitable soundtrack for anyone who wants to set off on a journey towards themselves. “Six of the 13 songs are on different frequencies – they are recorded at 432 hertz, the so-called divine frequency, which has proven to make us feel more at ease. These are “Crazy”, “Chewing Gum”, “The Eyes” … Find the rest yourself, “Miro says with a smile. “Alone” and “No time” he dedicated to his beloved wife – his wife Ellie, whose business in London often separates them, but does not shake their sense of belonging to each other.

In tune with the anti-epidemic measures, Joy Station Club works with limited capacity seats, which allows guests to enjoy the show at a healthy distance from each other and with a full sense of comfort.

Reducing seats means a smaller number of tickets – hurry to pick up your own at the Fantastico cash desks, in the network of eventim.bgurboapp.com, ticketportal.bg and onsite, at Joy Station. 

The concert – the promotion of “Mirogled,” takes place in Joy Station with the support of “Balev bio” and the media support of Dir.bg.

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